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The Pokémon mod for everyone

Explore, catch, and battle in a new, immersive Pokémon × Minecraft experience

The Friends and Farms Update

Update 1.4: Unveiling Pasture Blocks, 69 Berries, New Crops, Healing Items, Trading, nearly 200 new Pokémon, and more!

What is Cobblemon?

Cobblemon is an open-source Pokémon mod that is available through Fabric and Forge for Minecraft version 1.20.1.

Capture Pokémon to expand your team, battle wild Pokémon to gain experience, and level up to unlock new moves!


Build Your Team

Gather Pokémon to join you on your adventure.

Your Pokémon will follow you when sent out of their Poké Ball, and some small Pokémon can even ride on your shoulder!

The wide array of immersive features, including Pokémon faint and sleeping animations, will help bring your world to life.

Sleek Interfaces

Interfaces are provided to help keep track of your team and progress.

Keep tabs on your Pokémon's stats such as EVs, IVs, and even Friendship. You can check out your party's current movesets, and you even have the abilty to freely swap moves out!


Cobblemon fully supports custom data and resource packs.

Add your own Pokémon variants, or even new Pokémon species!

Take a look at our guide on how to get started!

Custom Pokémon Guide

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